We Asked One Hundred People

We Asked One Hundred People……..       

At our September 2017 meeting we asked everyone present to complete a questionnaire and hand it back to us before leaving.  

This was because we had noticed attendance declining at our regular activities and heard people talk about wanting activities that we do not currently run.  Our questionnaire asked members to consider what support they would give in future to both our current activities and a host of other activities that we know other ARAs run.   We also asked for any written comments they may wish to make to help us improve our current offerings and regain numbers.

These are the questions we asked.


Questionnaire 2017 ver 5


Sixty-nine sheets were handed back by the end of the meeting.  Thank you to everyone who responded.  

Here is a simple summary of the results, all on one page.


Questionnaire 2017 results


Looking at the likely support for new activities we produced this summary sheet for our members to consider.  Bearing in mind that the questionnaire responses represent only 40% of our total membership, there is a possibility that support for any of the activities could grow from these numbers.


Results of new activities for notice board


At our October meeting we discussed the results with the members present and introduced a new red folder called Come and Join Us.  Inside the folder there is information about the questionnaire results and a supply of forms that any member can use in future to test the water for any new activity.   Members only need to write the title of a proposed new activity at the top and start off the list of interested members with their own name.  All members are now able to pick up the book and see if there are any proposals that they wish to support by adding their own names.



New Activity Interest Sheet


When there are sufficient names on the list, the committee will be able to discuss and choose a committee member to meet with the interested members on the list in order to help with the next steps.  Requirements will vary enormously depending on whether  hall hire is required,  professional instructors are needed, etc.  


** UPDATE 2018 **

So far this has resulted in members filling out two forms, one supporting Line Dancing and one supporting ‘no frills coach trips to the coast’. 

Line Dancing is now a twice monthly Hadara event and

the first Hadara ‘no frills’ coach trip took place in June.



This process doesn’t replace our Suggestion Box which is still the place to put any comments you may have.