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If you are a first time user of this website, or new to computers, here are some tips to help you.

You started at what is called our Home page, which explains a bit about HADARA as a club.  You can move from there to many pages and posts in order to catch up with the latest diary and notices as well as more details of the things we do regularly.  There is also a growing pictorial archive of past outings and events in a Photo Gallery.

You reach all these things by choosing (touching or clicking on) items from the available “Menus”.

If you are using a desktop computer, laptop or a device with a big screen you should notice “Menu” choices (words) printed over the banner at the top of the page.  If you move your mouse pointer over them, they change colour.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet you probably won’t see these words, you may see a “Burger Menu” instead which looks like three short horizontal lines, above the photo.  You have to touch this “Burger Menu” to make a useable written menu appear.  

* TIP *   Try turning the phone or tablet round from “Portrait” to “Landscape” (or “upright” to “sideways”).   This extra width will often make it change from Burger Menu to Visible Menu.

Using Menus.  Some menu words take you straight to the page you want; others give you a further choice (sub menus) to select from.  Sometimes the page you are taken to has further choices on it.  These choices are often accessed just by clicking (or touching) words on the page.  These are navigational link words (Hyperlinks) that work just like menus.   At the bottom of most pages there will be words to use that take you back to where you came from or take you forward to the next page in a series.  At the right hand side of some pages will be lists of links to use.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment – you can’t break it!  Touch / Click wherever you fancy to see what happens.  There is often more than one way of getting to a page.  Not everything happens instantaneously; sometimes pages take quite a while to fully display their contents.

* TIP * Links can be anywhere on a page.  If you are using a mouse, you will see your cursor pointer change from a cursor to a  cursor whenever you are over a link.

Here are some example links for you to try –

Take me back to the beginning again  (Home Page).                 

Take me to the current Diary page.               

Take me to the Videos.

   <<<<  Sometimes pictures and icons are used as links too.

Good luck.  We hope you enjoy our website