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Mickey Finn Singles Tournament

took place on 17th July 2019

10 Players competed for the Trophy, the event started at 10am with three mats out, 2 players per mat with another scoring.

Hugh Passingham, Bowls Organiser arranged the order of play so did not compete himself.

The winner was Joan Passingham who will hold the trophy for 1 year and Audrey Payne came second winning the Mickey Finn Cat. Third place was Marion Smith

The morning finished at around 12.30pm and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Report on Area 5 Bowls Competition

This event took place on Saturday 22nd June at 9.30am with teams from HadARA, WestkiARA, JARA, HexARA & Whiteoaks some clubs had more than one team. HadARA had three teams. 

    A Team – Hugh Passingham, Joan Passingham & Olive Park 

    B Team –  Daphne Mills. Mary Meadows & Derek Hay (LanbARA member part of HadARA Bowls)

    C Team – Marion Smith, Linda Verge & Jonathan Minns (ShadARA member part of HadARA Bowls)

Everyone played 4 games with 6 ends. 

The event finished at 3pm with

    First           HadARA A team

    Second     HexARA B  team

    Third          WestKiARA A team

The tea & Biscuits were supplied by Joy Hamilton, The proceeds after expenses was given to the winning team to donate to a charity. Hadara donated the amount of £136.50 to Ellenor

Reported by Linda Verge

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