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Dear Members

In our last newsletter we informed you that our current Chairman Ron Bonner would not be seeking re-election at the November AGM 2021. 

Our search is now on for a member to take his place with effect from January 2022, plenty of time you might think but look how quickly 2020 came and went, with three months of 2021 already past and almost another three months until we can hopefully all meet again in person in July. 

 Time is fast running out! 

Your committee met via ZOOM last Monday with the specific purpose to discuss the “Chair” vacancy and during its discussions found that other vacancies would also need members to take the roles on and subsequently join the committee. 

Running a successful retirement club such as ours requires a commitment to undertake the three official posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer but also the many other positions you are all familiar with. Our feeling is that for one of the current committee to assume the Chairmanship next would severely impact the running of the club at this time. We want the club to run smoothly once it’s up and running again, to continue with all of our activities which may/will need added measures to comply with Covid-19 and ensure our safety. 

To this end we really need more help from our members 

First, we need a member to be our chairperson. Some of you will remember that two of our last three Chairs did not previously serve on the committee before they took on the role.. A nominated and elected member will receive all the support they need to undertake their role as our chairperson. A summary of duties is attached. 

Second, we need another member to act as Deputy Chairman and work alongside the chairperson. We realise that all our lives include more than just HADARA and a Chair and Deputy would not only help cover each other’s absences but also share the experience of the position.  

Third, we need to expand our committee by up to 5 more members, to shadow some of the positions and/or be co-opted to the various sub-committees. (Like special events). We are currently completing an exercise to write “job descriptions” for all the posts and activities that we undertake. Not surprisingly we have unlocked that many of us are doing more than one job and also other tasks that really should be passed on to others.  That is more than one reason for you to consider putting yourself forward. 

Clearly, we know that some of our members have undertaken duties in the past and that some have reached a point where it would not be feasible to but there are amongst us some members capable of taking on the role of Chairperson and many others that could join the committee. 

I have been designated to contact all members via email and can provide additional information if required. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any committee member with any questions you may have. 

The continued existence and success of our club HADARA will always rely on members to actively take a share of running it, so please consider how you can help in anyway, no matter how small. 

Looking forward to hearing from you 

Stay safe. 

Regards, Jim    

On behalf of HADARA committee

Tel no. 01474 704782 


                                                  SUMMARY OF MAIN DUTIES

  • CHAIRPERSON The chairperson is elected by the Members at the A.G.M, usually held in November and his/her tenure is one year.
  • MONTHLY MEETINGS Monthly club meetings for all members takes place on 4th Wednesday at 2.00 p.m. The Chairperson is expected to be present and conduct these meetings by announcing the safety procedures, welcoming, and thanking speakers, arranging tea rota etc., work through a pro-forma business agenda and conclude with the raffle.
  • COMMITTEE MEETINGS Committee meetings are held monthly at 2.00pm and normally on the 2nd Monday of the month. The Chairperson and the committee all attend to present their updated reports and discuss club matters

                                     A detailed job description is available

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